Established in 2005, a Single Family Office focused on Family, Faith, Finance and Contribution.

Who We Are

Having spent 25 plus years each doing due diligence, allcating, building portfolios, creating funds, launching business, we know how to build a business that solves problems.

Anric Blatt

Globally connected serial entrepreneur focused on investment management, scarce resources and Fintech sectors. Business builder and non-executive advisor to funds, foundations and philanthropic organizations. 

Lauralouise Blatt

After performing due diligence on thousands of funds and investing in as many, she has spent the last 15 years studying what makes one manager stand out and succeed versus another who cannot get traction.

Have a Question?

We believe in transparency, direct access and only helping where we can add value. Get your questions answered by sending us a message. 

Advisory & Consulting

Uncover the winning formulas used by ultra successful fund managers to achieve massive results and transform their businesses. 


“ I cannot think of a better team with whom asset managers should seek to work than Anric and Lauralouise! Managers should be clamoring for the opportunity. I wish that I had access to this kind of guidance and training when I was building an asset management business; I would have saved myself years of trial and error and been so much more successful raising funds. ”

Bill Gellmann | Chief Operating Officer
Blue Force Development Corp.

Our Strategies

Distressed &
Special Situations
FX & Crypto-
Metals & Weather
Water, AG &
Scarce Resources