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Ever wonder why all but one of the original founding companies of the Dow Jones Index are no longer there ? They failed to reinvent. We help our clients reinvent themselves and help them work ON their business, their model, their values and help them navigate a rapidly changing landscape.

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Marketing Strategy

To capture attention from the right audience you need to design, project and distribute your vision in a way that fulfills your clients needs. Together, lets explore your vision, then design the right system and strategy to repeatedly put that vision in reach of the right people.  | Vision | Message | Branding | Digital Marketing

Sales Process Design

Creating a loyal client base of raving fans and designing robust, scaleable sales funnels that continue working 24/7 is what sets a real business apart from amateurs. Empowering your sales team (even if that’s just you and the labrador) with the right tools and processes to succeed is the best investment of your life.

Operations Consulting

Achieving world class operational excellence through pragmatic investor friendly and cost-effective solutions is what differentiates a winning business from the rest. Do it right and you can sleep at night, attract much larger clients and build a sustainable business that will outlive you and allow you to create a legacy.

Independent Directors

Here’s a novel idea – instead of paying disinterested ‘beige’ directors with conflicts of interests to ‘advise’ your fund, why not employ highly experienced & connected investors, allocators & business builders the same fee and have them help you build your business ?

Fund Structuring

Most funds fail before they even launch. Antiquated and overly complex cut and paste offering documents that no longer support the current investor appetite are great for law firms. Why not build it so that they will come ? Always start with the end in mind.

Business Continuity

Every business should be built with the aim of selling it, even if it’s sold to your children. It makes for a better and more sustainable business model and is ever so attractive to institutional investors. Talk to us, we know how to do this.


Compliance does not make you money, but it can cost you. When it is done properly, with independent oversight, it can quickly become a highly effective tool to close those mega deals. Years of experience dealing with regulators, institutions, sovereign wealth and pension funds in almost every jurisdiction have armed us with the expertise to fulfill the requirements of any client.

Disaster Preparation

Success is when preparation meets hard work and creates opportunity. Planning for inevitable disasters ahead of time, saves 90% of the money later, but really shows institutional investors that you are ready to earn their trust and manage their money.

Vital Recommendations

With a rolodex of industry contacts spanning 30 years and 5 continents, the founders of Global Fund Exchange know who to call. When you add value, respect people’s time and always deliver what you promise, people will always take your call.

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We love meeting new people, in fact we thrive on it. We love adding value, We love this business and the more people we know the greater our value add can be. So why not reach out today and connect ?

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Anric Blatt has been an inspirational business leader and prime driver of the exponential growth of the Infiniti Fund of Funds Business. His low-key management style engenders an environment where people are empowered to step forward and be all they can be. He is also a visionary entrepreneur with a keen sense for new market trends.

Peter Urbani

Senior Portfolio and Risk Manager, Sanlam Investments

I have known Anric Blatt since the late 1990s as an astute investor, creative entrepreneur, thought leader, advisor and friend with unimpeachable integrity, credentials and accomplishments. I would eagerly back Anric in his endeavors.

John Michael Pagli, Jr.

CEO, Alternative Investment Strategic Business Development, INVICTUS ADVISORS LLC

I have known Anric since 2003, and have admired his drive, strategic thinking, leadership qualities, generosity, and professionalism. Anric’s vision and global rolodex assists him to add value to ventures, whether it’s his independent Directorships, or starting and growing a business into a multi billion dollar asset management business. From a personal perspective, Anric fosters business and personal relationships with C suite executives, and makes time to mentor others providing feedback, advice, and guidance. I feel fortunate to have developed a life long friend of Anric’s caliber, and endorse him enthusiastically.

Michael Glaubman

Sr. Managing Director, Aspire Macro LLC

Lauralouise is a great leader and business visionary. She is extremely focused, very detail oriented and organized, with a great network of contacts. She was very easy to work with and made a great difference to help me grow my business. I would love the opportunity to work with her again, and believe she could add significant value in any investment product.

Judy Krandel, CFA

Portfolio Manager, Juniper Investment Fund

Having known Lauralouise for 20 years in this industry I have nothing but respect and appreciation for her as an individual and for her work ethic. One of the smartest and hardest working senior executives in the Hedge Fund Industry.  Lauralouise always delivers value beyond the call of duty with a dynamic “can do” attitude.  Truly a pleasure to work with

Jane Halsey

Founder & President, Roundtable Forum, LLC

I have known Lauralouise for more than 15 years. She is well known and respected by many in the hedge fund industry. Whether she is raising capital, building a business or pursuing one of her significant philanthropic endeavors, one thing is for certain; she will take any and all challenges head on with passion, energy and determination. Whilst these qualities make her an excellent leader, it is her loyalty, compassion and trustworthiness that make her an excellent partner and mentor

Nicholas Yeager

Founder, DigitalGrown